by A Dash of D.I.Y.

I’d like to start off saying I’m sorry. Since I last posted in January, A LOT has been going on! With my high school graduation coming up this Sunday (yay!), I decided it would be a fitting blog post to reflect on what has been going on these past few months that I’d stopped blogging, so I’ve compiled a few pictures taken from my handy-dandy iPhone! I left off last talking about my high school’s Children’s Theatre production, Seussical Jr! The show was so much fun and by far one of my favorite shows to costume.


Shortly after, I was involved in running/designing in my school’s Fashion Club first ever Charity Bash Fashion Show! As an officer of the club, I was honored to be able to help raise over $700 dollars for our school’s charity of choice, The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago.


My boyfriend and I celebrated our TWO YEAR anniversary on April 22! He took me out for a nice dinner and afterwards when the valet pulled up the car, there was a poster on the window asking me if I’d go to prom with him! Love this boy and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend these past two years any other way! (AND just so happens to be our two year, one month in two days) :*


My best friends and I after our last school theatre production! For our Spring Musical we did The Drowsy Chaperone. With me being Costume Captain, my boyfriend being Student Producer, and my other three best friends being the leads (Janet, Robert, and Chaperone if you know the show), we couldn’t have ended our senior show any better.


I committed to attend Columbia College Chicago next year, majoring in Fashion Business! I could NOT be more excited finally being able to go to school and to study what I love the most. Class of 2017!


My friends and I attended The Great Gatsby midnight (actually at 10pm) premier. We decided to dress up and ultimately were the only ones but if you don’t dress up to movie premiers you’re lame. There are a lot of mixed reviews going around about the movie but honestly, I really enjoyed watching it!


The simulated car crash assembly! Our school holds this assembly the week before prom every two years, and I’ve gotten to costume and do makeup for both. Basically what happens is a few local fire departments set up cars as if they had gotten in a crash. The point of the assembly is to show the possible outcome of drinking and driving. They choose students to play the prom goers and had three volunteers through the fire department to be the family in the other car. It’s fun when I get to do special effect makeup like this because we don’t typically have the opportunity during our plays and musicals (I wasn’t in high school yet when they did Sweeny Todd) (ugh).


My last day of school! Every year, the seniors at our school create these ‘senior shirts’ that all the seniors wear that display puns about drinking, but I didn’t want to wear one of those shirts. Bringing this blog back to it’s original purpose- I DIY’d it. I ironed on (the morning of) a clip art of high waisted shorts and underneath it read “four years high-waisted“. This shirt was more relatable to me because I’ve been wearing high-waist shorts since freshman year. And who would I be if I didn’t wear a DIY pair of shorts with the shirt! I cut them and then hand-sewed pearls onto them into the shapes of daises.

IMG_6392My boyfriend and I at our last Drama Club Banquet! 😥 Banquets are fun because we get to dress up and eat good food with our friends and this banquet even included some HILARIOUS skits about the seniors put on by our department juniors!


*DIY ALERT* I made some of my friends garters for prom! Although I waited until last minute and it was one of the most stressful projects I’ve done in a while, I’m so glad I was able to help out some girls have customized garters to not only match the dress, but also their personalities! This one was made with embroidered, metallic trim with silver fringe, a gold and pearl charm, and a small picture of Johnny Cash giving the middle finger hanging off of it. (I’ll be posting more detailed pictures along with a picture of my senior shirt and DIY shorts in an upcoming details post)

IMG_6552Prom was this weekend and was absolutely AMAZING. This is a picture of my best gals. I love them all so much and for all different reasons. They’re always there for me and I don’t know what I’m going to do without them next year 😥 ❤

And then there’s this boy. He’s my best friend. I want to thank him for everything he’s ever done for me, and especially for making this weekend so special. I love you babe!

IMG_6577The day after prom was just as fun! We went to a local park and grilled burgers and had ice cream. While we were waiting for the food to grill, we’d throw around a frisbee, play football (I was useless), played with bubbles, and made sure to apply temporary pirate-themed tattoos on random parts of our body (again, I love my friends).

IMG_6586After all that, we walked over to the lake and laid on the rocks on the edge and dipped our feet in for a while. I am EXTREMELY sunburnt, but hey, it’s summer now!

IMG_6594To finish off an amazing weekend, my boyfriend and I left the park to pick up his younger sister and take her to a Relient K concert at the House of Blues! Even though I’m not very familiar with the band, and I was extremely tired (I was running on two hours of sleep) I had a really great time and I was able to catch up on some sleep at the train station waiting 90 minutes for the train AND on the train ride home (hah).

My last few months of my senior year have been very bittersweet. I’ve had some amazing moments with my friends that have really helped me realize how much they have been there for me. I am going to miss them all so much; I’ve never been so comfortable with a group of people as I have with them. They are my family and I want to thank them for being so supportive and for helping me become who I am. I don’t know what I’d do without them! ❤