DIY Denim Pencil Case With Skull

by A Dash of D.I.Y.


During the summer season, I know I definitely followed the trend of cutting old, high waisted pants into shorts! The result of that was having a LOT of extra denim pant legs, and I knew that denim, the durable fabric that it is, needed to be made into something that I would get a lot of use out of. I decided on making a pencil case/makeup bag. I’d be able to put my writing utensils and/or makeup supplies without being worried that they would bleed through to the other side. My choice to paint a skull on it was purely out of boredom, but I am very pleased with the result of my design. Also, I decided to add the mint green zipper because I liked the pastel color against the light washed denim! To read how to do it, click below!


-Recycled Denim (or any other fabric if you want to go a different direction)

-Zipper (I got mine form Joanns)


-Embroidery hoop (optional)




  1. Cut two rectangles the size of your choice to make the pencil pouch.
  2. Put fabric in embroidery hoop, sketch out design in pen or pencil (I used pen because I wanted a defined outline)DSCN0210
  3. Paint your design with any colors you want (I just wanted a clean, white skull)DSCN0211
  4. Take denim out of embroidery hoop and line up the top edge to your zipper. Pin.
  5. After you pin both sides to the zipper, you are ready to sew.DSCN0212
  6. Sew the zipper on. Next you’re going to want to pin the right sides together, and sew along the edges. You may do a zig zag stitch along the edges to keep the denim from fraying. Just make sure you don’t sew your zipper into the bag! To avoid that, pull the zipper open almost all the way while sewing the bag together.DSCN0213
  7. Once you’ve finished sewing, clip the corners, and you can turn the bag right-side-out!DSCN0216
  8. You’re done! I hope you’ve liked this DIY and let me know what you guys think!DSCN0214DSCN0222DSCN0220

Also, if you made one yourself, send me a picture!