DIY Glitter iPhone Wallet Case

by A Dash of D.I.Y.

To start off this DIY, I would like to say thank you for everybody who is checking out my blog 🙂 It really means a lot!


So this all started when my friend opened up her Michael Kors iPhone Wristlet. The second I saw it, I HAD to have it! Unfortunately at the time I was unemployed and broke, so an $80 phone case was out of the question. Nevertheless, I still had to have one so I went on eBay and searched for a used one and there still weren’t any in my price range. I ended up stumbling across a plain white wallet case being sold by the ton from China for around $3 and I ordered it right away knowing I could do SOMETHING with it! And that bring us here to my next DIY!



-Wallet phone case

Mod Podge (I used Matte but I recommend Gloss or Sparkle Finish to use with glitter)

Fine Glitter (mine is from Michaels)

Wristlet Strap (optional)

Cone Studs (optional)

-Plastic Container (or anything to mix the Mod Podge and Glitter in)

-Paint Brush (one you don’t particularly love because it might get damaged)


1. Take your container and mix equal parts Mod Podge and Glitter together with your paint brush. Keep in mind that when the mod podge dries, it will dry clear so don’t worry about the white color when mixing with the glitter.


2. Apply in even layers onto the parts of the phone case you want to be glittery. This DIY will take a few layers for the case to be completely covered. After each layer, let the glitter dry completely before you start another layer. Here’s an example of two layers. Note it’s a little blotchy but it will be even by the end. (This is actually my new case I’m making for my new iPhone 5, that’s why the case seems different!)


3. After finishing all the layers of my glitter, I wanted to make it easier to hold on to when I was out so I decided to add a wristlet strap. I punched a hole in the top part of the binding using a leather hole punch and then strung my strap through.

4. Next, I added cone studs to the side. I did this by looking at the size of the screw, and punching a hole in the side a little bit larger, then screwing them on. I spaced them accordingly to how many I wanted on there. Another way to attach studs would be to hot glue them if you don’t have a leather hole punch. I find that to be a lot easier! And to answer everybody’s question: No, they don’t hurt when I have my phone in my back pocket! They have actually never bothered me and I think they’re super fun.


5.Voila, you’re done!

Let me know what you guys think of this post! Again, thanks so much for reading this post, and special thanks to Claud for unknowingly giving me the inspiration for this post! :*